Completed my first 10k - average pace 11.5min/mile I AINT BREAKIN NO RECORDS
  1. Remind yourself that humans do this all the time
    Somehow knowing a lot of people can do it makes me feel better
  2. Start small and work your way up
    My first week of running, I was only running 10 min at a time. Still felt like I was dying. But 4 weeks later, I was running 4-5 miles and feeling okay
  3. Run at least 3x per week
    Not everyday, that's insanity. But you gotta stay consistent
  4. Do long runs on the weekend
    If you work, like I do, it's hard to spend 45-60 min running after work. Shorter runs during the week and then nice long runs on Saturday or Sunday.
  5. Schedule in short, fast runs
    Occasionally our 'coach' aka someone who has run a marathon and can google '10k running plan' would tell us to run 1 mile as fast as possible. Those days were fast and made you feel good about your time
  6. Drink more water
    Major 🔑
  7. You'll have off days
    Sometimes your body says NO. Run anyway. Even if it's so slow
  8. A buddy helps
    I run with someone that runs faster than me. She's far ahead but at least it's someone to commiserate with before and afterwards
  9. Get a good playlist
    I don't care what kind of music gets ya groovin, but yeah, you need music.
  10. Schedule an actual race
    Sometimes I tell myself it's enough to just know in my heart that I can run a 10k. But getting a T shirt that says 10K is better. Trust me. Plus it's a concrete date to work up to
  11. That's it!
    Running sucks. But getting better at running is great. You can do it! Just remember, slow and steady finishes the race 🏃🏻