I'm watching it for the third time...and it's just good
  1. The soundtrack
    Every track just sets the mood
  2. The costumes
  3. The over the top villains
    with their elaborate plans and torture monologues
  4. Nicknames
    'Little chop shop girl' 'Cowboy' 'Peril' #teamUNCLE
  5. The scene where Solo is peacefully eating in the truck while watching Ilya in a frantic boat chase
    Just... so funny? And then touching #bros
  6. Armie Hammer finally found the right mix of strong and quirky for his character
    Lone Ranger and Mirror, Mirror Armie, I'm looking at you. The actual worst
  7. Ilya and Gaby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Sucker for a cute love/hate story
  8. The way they pronounce 'Nazi'