Our family of 9 did not dress up on Halloween and I'm going to be bitter about it forever
  1. The Cash Registers
    Our last name is Register so this would've been classic for a gathering where everyone knew our name. We would just all be a different bill or coin. This idea is money.
  2. The Cast of Holes
    My dad as Mr. Sir, my mom as the Warden, and all seven kids in orange jumpsuits w shovels.
  3. The Von Trapp family
    We were asked if we were a singing group enough times on a normal day. This would have been a classic
  4. The Planets
    Arranged by size. I'm obviously including Pluto as a planet and my sister would've made a super cute Pluto.
  5. Baseball team
    True costume because none of us were athletically inclined
  6. The Weasleys
    Some hand me downs, initial sweaters, and ginger wigs. Bonus points if my dad had let us get a rat to be Scabbers. Or a dragon.
  7. Santa and his reindeer
    Since Christmas always comes early anyway, we could've really made a splash. My dad and mom as Mr. and Mrs. Claus with seven kids as reindeer. Since there were eight reindeer, our cat Lucky would've been elected Rudolph to prevent sibling rivalry