Alternatively titled, why my mom and grandpa are heroes
  1. My grandpa had dealt with mild skin cancer for several years
  2. But one routine testing later, they found it was now an aggressive form of cancer in later stages
  3. When he went to his doctor, the doctor told him flippantly, 'we can try and treat this but you'll die from it'
    I'm still mad thinking about it
  4. My grandpa went home very depressed
    He had lost my grandma to a brain aneurism only a few months before this. He felt hopeless and alone
  5. He called his daughter-in-law (my mom)
  6. She wouldn't stand for what was happening
  7. Within 48 hours she had successfully moved my grandpa from Pennsylvania to our home in Missouri and had him sitting in an appointment with the leading cancer center in Kansas City, MO
    I don't even know how she did it. But 🙌🏻
  8. The doctors there and my mom gave my grandpa something that no one had bothered with before
  9. They gave him hope
  10. Hope that he could beat the cancer
  11. Hope that he wouldn't have to do it alone
  12. Within one month, my grandpa was losing his beautiful white hair
  13. But he wasn't bothered because he still had hope
  14. And two months in, he was so tired from treatments that he could barely make it from the bedroom to the living room
  15. But he wasn't bothered because he still had hope
  16. And three months in, when I'm sure living in a house with 9 other people was starting to wear him down
  17. He still had hope
  18. He could beat the cancer because the doctor said so and my mom said so and we had a God that could do anything
  19. So then six months later his treatments were done and the cancer was in remission
  20. And my grandpa still had hope it would stay away
  21. And one year later, he was back in his home in PA, cancer free
  22. And five years later, my grandpa proved that first doctor wrong
  23. Because the cancer was gone for good
  24. And to this day, I know that my grandpa is alive because God gave us a miracle and my mom gave hope
  25. 'Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope'