Well actually just one thing
  1. My cubicle neighbor who decided to wear glasses for the first time today
  2. He looks v cute and precious in said glasses
  3. I want him to wear them everyday
  4. Can I ask him to wear them everyday?
  5. Wait no, I've gotten no work done today
  6. Because of those glasses
  7. He should never wear them again
  8. HAHAH no everyday
  9. Why am I so distracted/attracted by these glasses?
  10. Looks like he is a nerdy accountant
  11. Mareena, you're a nerdy accountant
  12. Are we perfect for each other?
  13. I didn't know I was so attracted to nerds?
  14. Oh here he is again
  15. YUP attracted to nerds
  16. Well let's just count this day as a loss for work
  18. 😊❤️🤓