1. She texts me around 9 pm from her room. Mom, I'm so thirsty bring me a bottle of water pleeease.
    Really? You're so lazy but ok.
  2. I bring her water and notice her room is sloppy.
    14 yr old girls are kinda sloppy.
  3. I start to straighten up her room.
  4. She says... MOM, stop. I'll do that tomorrow I promise.
    I ignore her and continue.
  5. I begin asking how things are going. Anything new at school w friends?
    She tells me. I'm TRYING to read. I don't feel like talking.
  6. I keep talking.
    I don't give in easily.
  7. She puts down her book or iPhone and STARTS TALKING.
    I knew she would give in. Hehe.
  8. She tells me about her day her relationships her thoughts.
    I love this part.
  9. I listen.
    I love this part too...
  10. She asks my opinion on things from relationships to world events. Asks about God. Tells me her thoughts.
    This goes on about 30 mins. sometimes longer
  11. Finally she says I love you mom you can go back to bed now.
    Typical teenager.
  12. I say I love you too and you're welcome for the water.
    We laugh. I leave her room.
  13. I go to bed and think. That was the best 30 minutes of my day. I'm so glad I took my baby girl a bottle of water.
  14. I thank God then go to sleep.