Could also be a list of why FB users might me slightly narcissistic
  1. I don't care to see a pic of what you're having for dinner. No one else does either.
    Doesn't this salad look yummy?
  2. The people who you KNOW must be miserable cuz they post WAY too many "look how happy we look" family pics.
    Hey PLEASE look at how happy we look! Oh that divorce thing is just a rumor. We are soooo happy.
  3. I don't care to post where I am and what I'm doing on a daily basis and if I wanna knw what you're doing I'll just call and ask.
  4. The people who post WAY too much about their inner feelings. Maybe a therapist is your best option.
    I feel like I'm in a black hole of depression... it's okay I'll be fine unless I jump off this cliff. (insert selfie from a cliff)
  5. The skinny people who feel the need to post several selfies a day in bikini or micro mini skirt, super skinny jeans.
    Hey guys, do I look fat in this string bikini, I know u can see my ribs but really... do I look fat?
  6. People who brag constantly about their kids. Really? Send a pic to the family by email the whole world doesn't care that your kid did a poopy in the dang potty today.