1. My Two Dads
    About a girl whose mother died and is now being raised by the two men who could be her father! Like Full House with a sluttier backstory.
  2. Small Wonder
    A goofy engineer secretly creates a robot daughter that he and his family pass off as a real girl. I think the most important details about this arrangement are that she "sleeps" in a cupboard and never changes clothes.
  3. Out of this World
    My obvious favorite on this list. Teen girl is the product of an alien-human love connection. This leaves her with the ability to pause time by pressing the tips of her fingers together. And she talks to her alien dad through some sort of glowing Lego pyramid thing. Sometimes I still press my fingers together just to make sure I cannot stop time.
  4. Brotherly Love
    The handsomest brothers in the world, the Lawrence brothers, play these fictional brothers. Their dad has died and now the oldest brother, Joey, has to run the family garage business. I speak for my teenage self when I say "Whoa!"
  5. Veronica's Closet
    Kirstie Alley is a big brassy CEO of an underwear company! I thought this show was hilarious. I cannot tell you a single thing about it.