Organized from oldest to newest. With his answers. This feels weirdly intimate even though 50% of them are about food or office supplies.
  1. Do we have enough ink to print 27 pages?
    Answer: um, I'm not sure. Maybe?
  2. Can we have fro-yo for dinner?
    Answer: totally
  3. How you?
    Answer Mostly good. Kinda tired. But good.
  4. Should I go get bagels?
    No answer. (Because I was texting him from the other room. So he just walked over to tell me yes.)
  5. Do you have an umbrella or can you hide inside all day?
    Answer: I don't have one but I'm ok.
  6. Did you co-op?
    Answer: No, but I can.
  7. Do we have frozen veggies?
    Answer: peas and edamame
  8. Would that be ok even if it was Saturday?
    Answer: yeah
  9. Remember?
    Answer: right!
  10. Where do we keep our batteries? Do we even have extra batteries?
    Answer: I'll gchat you about the batteries.