1. Dads playing a pick up game of baseball.
    "Dads" is my general term for men in their forties to sixties.
  2. Toddler soccer clinic
    Appears to be mostly chaos and yelling encouragement. One of the toddlers is playing while dragging her blankie behind her.
  3. Babies kicking balls
    Aside from the toddler soccer clinic there is also a very small baby kicking a tennis ball, too older girls kicking a beach ball and then chasing it barefoot all over the lawn, a toddler and a slightly older child playing keep away from their grandfather.
  4. Super cool looking butch/femme couple with awesome pit bull
    When they walked by I tried to makes neutral resting face that implied I was pretty cool too and maybe we could be friends.
  5. Nerdy hipster boys warming up for a game of touch football and negotiating elaborate rules for the upcoming game
    That's basically all you need to know about that
  6. Woman shouting at a dog in French for pooping on the lawn
    Ultimately she gave up and picked up the poop