1. Pride and Predjudice
    If we were Jane Austen characters, @yrfriendrachel would totally be Lizzy Bennet. Which means I get to be the wise and kind Jane.
  2. Little Woman
    This one is first and foremost in my mind. I remember after reading or seeing this for the first time, Rachie moaning, "but if you're Jo that means I'm Amy!!" And it does. Because I'm obviously the queer headstrong writer one. So she's the pretty vain social one. Fair, fair.
  3. Practical Magic
    Ok. I don't know if this one is really exactly right for the list but, like, it's the official movie of me & my sister and it's all about sisters, so. I just don't know that we have ever dissected the sisters in the film explicitly. Even though one has red hair and the other is a brunette, which is exactly like us. We are different because we aren't witches.
  4. Daria
    This is probably Rachel's least favorite. It's like Little Woman. I can't not be Daria. I'm obviously Daria. So she's Quinn. And like, she was more popular than me in high school so... true enough.