I have never been to any of these places. I think I love them.
  1. Atlanta
    I think Atlanta is fast paced for the South and sweaty in a good way. Also The Advocate always rated it the best place to live for lesbians so that had to be a good sign.
  2. Asheville
    I don't know. Hippies love Asheville. I love hippies. Plus isn't it beautiful?
  3. Santa Fe
    I have also never been to the Grand Canyon. The American West is like a mythical foreign country I've read about it comic books. I'm not sure I believe it's real. If I went to Santa Fe I think if come home obnoxiously draped in turquoise jewelry.
  4. Seattle
    Admitting I've never been to Seattle feels like a character flaw.
  5. Boulder
    This shows up when I'm fantasizing about other jobs I could have. There a good independent school there. And you can drive to ski but it's not as big as Denver. I don't really understand what Denver is. Boulder feels like it's more recognizable.
  6. Nashville
    Ok, so I have been to Nashville but only overnight on the way somewhere else. It's always my hypothetical. Like "if we moved to Nashville or something..." It's supposed to be random but I use it all the time.