Things My Husband Gobbled Up Last Night After He Absorbed a 1/2 of a "Space Cake"...

My husband might indulge in pot twice a year. I had taken a brownie out of the freezer for a friend. He decided he wanted some. After nagging for 30 min I said "fine, go ahead". Fully knowing his was going to be a hysterical shit show..
  1. A piece of Rum Cake
  2. A piece of Tiramisu
  3. A piece of Pumpkin Pie
  4. A piece of Cherry Pie
  5. As he was complaining to me because I wouldn't let him eat some more of the space cake, he decided to have another piece of Rum Cake.
  6. I do need to reveal these holiday desserts were on route to the trash. I do not own a bakery. And my husband and I do not weigh 600 lbs each or combined.