To Me, Happiness Is…

  1. Escaping the winter weather with a vacation to a beach
  2. A lazy weekday spent on the couch with Mac & Cheese and endless hours of bad tv
  3. Flowers for "no reason"
  4. Day drinking, shopping and having a great meal with my husband
  5. Green lights when you are late
  6. My four legged friend
  7. Never looking back
  8. The delivery of online purchases for myself
  9. When the latest book comes out from one of my favorite authors
  10. Finding money
  11. Girls night or weekend or week or month or year
  12. Small children thinking I'm awesome and telling me so
  13. Fitting into those jeans you didn't think would fit
  14. Cake.
  15. Tea.
  16. Unplanned party with friends
  17. When Karma comes full circle