A list of disappointments. 💔
  1. Headliner does a 45 minute set?
    Anyone headlining a festival should take it seriously and give it all they got! I was expecting at least 15 more minutes
  2. No enthusiasm
    As my girl @molly pointed out, AC/DC showed him up! They brought the heat! He seemed zoned out and uninterested and just kind of blah
  3. Nikki Minaj fake out
    Why bring her on stage and not have her perform at all? ITS CALLED MANAGING EXPECTATIONS
  4. No encore/teasing an encore
    Da fuq?
  5. Too many new songs
    I get you want to push the new album, but this isn't a Drake concert, it's a festival. People are going to know your most famous stuff, it's not your hardcore fans! Play the top hits!
  6. 💯 to 0⃣ real quick. REAL MOTHER F*CKIN QUICK
    Suggested by @molly
  7. Hey drake, you fell off!!! Oh you needed that!
    Suggested by @molly