My mom is making me organize every time I come home for the weekend 😒
  1. These extremely worn copies of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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    Work hard, read hard.
  2. This Dunder Mifflin bathrobe that my brother gave me for Christmas way back in the day (I believe facilitated by @bjnovak so thank you)
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    💖💖💖 I used to wear this all the time and sometimes made my dog Toby wear it too! Contemplating bringing it back to NYC.
  3. This lunch tray that I stole from my high school cafeteria like a badasssssss
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    Now I feel bad and will probably return it next time I come home
  4. This Matisse "nudey pic" 2008 Valentine's Day card from the bf
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  5. This vintage terrible towel I probably stole from and now will return to @charlie my brother
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  6. This UNOPENED, UNMARKED Christmas present!
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    I can't open it now! Too much anticipation.
  7. This selection of cool or meaningful wine bottles I saved (collection partially pictured). One is from @lucas !!
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    Definitely concerning to my mom....
  8. This hilarious "tennis hunks" poster from my friends high school locker
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  9. Vintage selfie #trendsetters
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  10. No explanation needed 😎🐍🐍🐍
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