I like inclusive topics that maximize team involvement. I dabbled in trivia hosting during grad school so have some experience... Suggestions welcome!
  1. TV theme songs
    You can range from The Sopranos to The Simpsons to Sesame Street - there's sure to be something for everyone. Plus it's a nice twist on name that tune
  2. Movies set in a specific location
    Again, you can hit a wide knowledge/interest base (e.g., New York City could include Made in Manhattan, Annie Hall, and Day After Tomorrow)
  3. Something your crowd should but doesn't know anything about
    I trivia mastered for a bunch of grad school PhD students and delighted in giving them categories like "current pop songs" or "drinking games". I like to think they enjoyed it too
  4. Blasts from the past
    Everyone loves to revisit their childhood. TV shows or characters, toys, book series (I just took a fifteen minute break from this list to re-read volume one of animorphs) technology, etc. from a bygone era are always hits.
  5. Celebrity gossip
    This is a good way to mix pop stars, politics, and sports into one big category (again, something for everyone). Plus, you'd be surprised what midtown businessmen end up knowing about Paris Hilton...