In no particular order, most of these had accomplices, and please everyone keep inviting me to things...
  1. Fox tail (literally) - furry convention was in town and he was asking for it to be stolen and then put through another bar's mailbox
  2. Many glasses - come see my collection! Lots of delirium glasses which I like to drink bud light from, different cups of all sizes
  3. Someone's actual glasses (gave em back eventually) / frat at Rochester University where even the bros wear glasses #nerdalert!
  4. Karaoke microphone
  5. Button down shirts - can't stop me now
  6. A mans shoe - with friends at Rumors in DC. He got in trouble, we didn't, nuff said.
  7. Many cases of beer - from a frat at Michigan when we found the beer room instead of the bathroom and we climbed up the cases like a pyramid. Brothers eventually found us and kicked us out with as many beers as we could carry.
  8. Handle of jack and grey goose (they were being assholes), later got tired of carrying them and hid them in a bush in Harvard Yard. Friends went back a few weeks later and got em!
  9. Forks and window shutters - some frat house in Penn State, good luck eating with spoons in the bright sunlight, SUCKAS!
  10. Mannequin - at Pitt, from a neighboring porch after a party, carried it up a hill and swiped it into a dorm as a guest then gave it a shower. He Lived in legend and came to many tailgates until it was thrown ceremoniously from a roof upon graduation.
  11. Gallon of maple syrup - from some good friends house none of whom noticed it was gone and were using it as a door stop. Joint heist with my girl @molly because we are unfunny bad friends? Or super funny and the best friends. You be the judge!
  12. Wet shower slippers - because I lost my shoes and apparently my friend is DISGUSTING and wears ugg slippers to shower in
  13. Posters - had a collection of bud light promo posters from the Wednesday before thanksgiving from Docs on walnut for about 4 years #memoriez
  14. Bowling trophy - Docs was closing and I kind of dumpster dived it?
  15. Rock (from outside but still counts) - What don't you get? Made my dad put it in the garden last time I was home, it is more like a boulder
  16. Key to the beer room at Cappy's cafe - later told the bartender my crime and he made me run home and get it