I love making new friends, but it def gets harder as I get older! Also reread this and it sounds like it could also translate to dating someone new but I was just thinking in terms of friendship 😁
  1. When is it ok to exchange numbers? And how?!
    I always feel so weird! Eek.
  2. When is it ok to text??
    Say it's a friend from work. Or class. You sucked it up and got their number. When do you text them? What do. You say?
  3. When should you stop texting?
    Once you text them, how long do you keep the convo going? WHO HAS THE LAST WORD?!
  4. Who's turn is it to contact the other one?
    How often is too often to text the other person first? What if you think that person wants to be friends too, but they aren't as good at responding to texts? When do you become weird/nagging/creepy?
  5. When should you introduce them to your other friends?
    Say you've done it, you've become friends and hang out one on one! When, how, where do you introduce them into your group without making them feel weird?!
  6. How do you make sure you have stuff to talk about outside of what made you friends in the first place?
    What if you bond over French 101. Once class is over and you can't talk about how annoying the professor is or how cute Adam the TA is, WHAT IS LEFT TO DISCUSS!
  7. How do you navigate life stage differences?
    What if one of you has kids? What if one of you wants to go to clubs and one of you is so over it and wants to go to dive bars? What if one of you is married and one is single?
  8. When is it ok to have a sleepover!?
    Honestly I always want to invite people to stay over! What if we're going to an event on my side of town, why go home late all by yourself? What if we want to have have dinner and breakfast? Who makes the move to suggest a slumber party!