This is a list of things that make me happy during the day. It is somewhat NYC specific since I'm living there, but feel free to add anything that gives you a thrill! ⭐️
  1. Doggies!!
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    So cute and always happy to see you 😍
  2. Running into a friend on the street or subway
    It's like a surprise get together you don't even have to plan!
  3. new restaurants I want to try
    Aka all the restaurants
  4. Celebs/recognizable figures
    I think this is even better when it's someone less well known... I ran into The Dogist taking some photos and it made my day.
  5. Beautiful skylines/architecture
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  6. Nice things happening
    Strangers standing up for someone on the subway or helping a mom carry her stroller up the steps? 💖 humanity
  7. Really interesting looking people I can't figure out
    Where are you going with that giant tub of guy Fawkes masks, sir?
  8. Chipotle
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    It's like a safety net of never thinking you are in danger of a having to eat a bad meal
  9. Camaraderie over a bad situation
    A businessman and a hipster get splashed by a puddle of slush as a taxi drives by and just look at each other like fuuuuccckkkk and walk it off? Priceless.
  10. Remembering you have leftovers in the refrigerator
    Suggested by @crossetter