My favorite fashion accessory.
  1. Nude tights
  2. I love you
  3. You are so comfortable
  4. You keep me warm, like a silky second skin
    In a non buffalo bill way. 😁
  5. You make me feel fancy, dressed up, and adult
  6. I secretly buy one shade too dark and you make my legs look smooth and tan!
  7. I hate going to any parties without you, even in summer and ESPECIALLY IN WINTER
  8. Other people hate on you
  9. They say you aren't "fashion"
  10. That you are old, and weird!
  11. Those people can suck it
  12. Haters gonna hate
  13. Their loss
  14. Our gain, nude tights
  15. More nude tights for me!
  16. The end.