If someone could actually explain I would be so grateful
  1. Grease
    Why did Danny dance with Cha Cha? I DONT GET IT THEY WERE GOING TO WIN ANYWAY!
  2. Titanic
    Can't you at least try to fit two people on the door?
  3. Aladdin
    Why doesn't Aladdin just tell Jasmine he's not a prince? She doesn't want to marry a prince! PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Also... Why doesn't Jasmine want to get with my man Jafar? 😎
  4. The Room (a Tommy Wisseau film)
    Literally everything
  5. The Sound of Music
    How come nobody likes the baroness Schroeder? She's glamorous as f*ck! I mean I get it in the end that he loves Maria but why didn't they make her a little more annoying or something. Ugh.
  6. Lord of the Rings (books and movies)
    Objective: destroy the ring in the fires of Mt. Doom. Tools at your disposal: giant flying Eagles. Solution: hop on, fly to Mordor, throw the ring in the fire, roll credits. 8.5 hours of your life saved.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  7. Cruel Intentions
    He pushes her out of the way of the cab instead of grabbing her and taking them both clear, at least 3 seconds go by, he stands there, stares at the cab, then gets hit and dies? Please.
    Suggested by @dev