I know more (racial diversity, diversity of relationships, flags of additional countries, etc.) are on the way, but still. I'm hoping these make the cut!
  1. Cheese
    I can't even tell you how many times I have tried to use this and been devastated that it's missing
  2. Champagne
  3. Drum(s)
  4. Tennis racket
  5. Eiffel Tower
  6. Shark
  7. Raccoon
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Vampire, mummy, witch, etc.
    More spooky stuff! I💖 halloween.
  10. Tacos
    Suggested by   @lucas
  11. Game of Thrones themed emoji
    Suggested by   @tiffany_na
  12. Popcorn
    Suggested by   @teo
  13. Burritos
    Suggested by   @kelly
  14. A marijuana leaf emoji is def missing
    Suggested by   @nathanrossi
  15. Hippo!
    Suggested by   @nickloris
  16. Fingers crossed
    Suggested by   @leahmw
  17. Ryan Gosling's face
    Suggested by   @Hilary
  18. Sandwich
    Suggested by   @kstraw
  19. Hockey puck
    Suggested by   @MissBicks
  20. Do not disturb sign
    Suggested by   @TT
  21. Turkey!
    Suggested by   @sogol
  22. Fewer varieties of camel?
    Suggested by   @crossetter