1. "accident"
  2. "We should just lay down here and give up"
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  3. "I just can't stand [it anymore]"
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  4. "I'm so embarrassed I want to crawl into this hole and die"
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  5. "We're blue"
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  6. "It's five o'clock somewhere...."
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  7. "I'm feeling a bit off color."
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  8. "I spilled my latte AND stepped in this puddle!?! FUCK!"
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  9. "I just feel so small."
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  10. "At least I get fan mail in cone prison. Check out my hashtag '#FreetheCone'."
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  11. "The rain hides my tears."
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  12. My goal is to find one in the garbage and call it "down in the dumps". A girl can dream!