1. Cutting a giant taxi line by taking an Uber
    See ya suckers!
  2. Being in a foreign city you've never explored but spending the whole day lounging in the hotel bed and ordering room service
  3. Eating the last [insert any snack/appetizer/bite of dessert]
    Oh, were you going to eat that?
  4. Canceling brunch plans to order bagels delivered and watch Netflix
  5. Speeding down the highway when the other side is bumper to bumper traffic
    This one isn't really a choice but still
  6. Getting anyone in your family a Christmas present you secretly/not so secretly want to use together
    @charlie I don't know if you know, but mom reads all the books she gets us before she wraps them up
  7. Being the person in the airport security line that they start the new line with
    Right this way, new checkpoint opened!
  8. Knowing how to be nice to a bartender to get served before everyone else