@Alex moved away for the semester and we are all very sad. This is composed by me but I think many others (@bart @jordan etc. feel the same way)
  1. This is @Alex
  2. He started out as @bart's friend in college, but I have since drafted him to my team.
    This picture is a 💯summary of our friendship.
  3. We usually hang out at parties and act like freaks together. It greatly enhances my NYC living experience.
  4. Like this real cute time we are a pile of meat at 3AM with @crossetter and @abbyl AND @annieolszewski !!!
  5. But now he's in Germany because he hates fun and is a selfish, selfish, jerk.
  6. At first I played it cool like we don't even care that you DESERTED US TO FURTHER YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION
  7. And then I continued to play it cool because it was very funny.
  8. But then I felt bad so I followed up with this series of pug portraits.
  9. and THEN I followed up with this list to let him know he's really missed! And we're looking forward to your glorious return to NYC. 💙💛💙