@Alex moved away for the semester and we are all very sad. This is composed by me but I think many others (@bart @jordan etc. feel the same way)
  1. This is @Alex
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  2. He started out as @bart's friend in college, but I have since drafted him to my team.
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    This picture is a 💯summary of our friendship.
  3. We usually hang out at parties and act like freaks together. It greatly enhances my NYC living experience.
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  4. Like this real cute time we are a pile of meat at 3AM with @crossetter and @abbyl AND @annieolszewski !!!
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  5. But now he's in Germany because he hates fun and is a selfish, selfish, jerk.
  6. At first I played it cool like we don't even care that you DESERTED US TO FURTHER YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION
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  7. And then I continued to play it cool because it was very funny.
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  8. But then I felt bad so I followed up with this series of pug portraits.
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  9. and THEN I followed up with this list to let him know he's really missed! And we're looking forward to your glorious return to NYC. 💙💛💙
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