I really liked this movie a lot. Haven't seen any of the other Mad Max movies. Suggestions welcome!
  1. Charlize
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    She's so great in everything, especially this movie. And she's so beautiful. I love her.
  2. This guy
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    He made the whole thing better! He made me laugh and made the whole war party that much scarier/intense. PLUS, I read a fun article about how it was the actor's (who is a musician in real life) dream to be in a Mad Max movie so that's happy for him!
  3. THIS GUY! 😍😍😍
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    Tom hardy, how'd you get so friggin dreamy?!!
  4. The plot
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    I loved how it mirrored itself!
  5. The constant entertaining action
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    A real popcorn movie! Truly fun to watch and 100% entertaining.
  6. The visual style
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    What a creepy and fun world to create, and it was so well done!
  7. The villain of my nightmares! He's just so openly bad guy! pure love to hate.
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    So horrifyingly delicious to watch! I also love his minions. I imagine hilarious bloopers where he's dancing around in that costume.