I really liked this movie a lot. Haven't seen any of the other Mad Max movies. Suggestions welcome!
  1. Charlize
    She's so great in everything, especially this movie. And she's so beautiful. I love her.
  2. This guy
    He made the whole thing better! He made me laugh and made the whole war party that much scarier/intense. PLUS, I read a fun article about how it was the actor's (who is a musician in real life) dream to be in a Mad Max movie so that's happy for him!
  3. THIS GUY! 😍😍😍
    Tom hardy, how'd you get so friggin dreamy?!!
  4. The plot
    I loved how it mirrored itself!
  5. The constant entertaining action
    A real popcorn movie! Truly fun to watch and 100% entertaining.
  6. The visual style
    What a creepy and fun world to create, and it was so well done!
  7. The villain of my nightmares! He's just so openly bad guy! pure love to hate.
    So horrifyingly delicious to watch! I also love his minions. I imagine hilarious bloopers where he's dancing around in that costume.