Fabulous Mimi Duplain turns 103 on Tuesday
  1. Once she put my sisters iPod mini in the freezer because she thought it was Omaha steaks
    It came in the mail as a graduation present for @FCheever from @charlie. Mim is not familiar with Apple products. She does order a lot of steak. This was just a her personality thing not an old person thing.
  2. She met Frank Sinatra at the Copacabana and said "you are much better looking in movies than in person"
    WHY MIMI! Why!!
  3. She likes to greet and say goodbye to people by having them kiss her hand
  4. She thought Lord of the Rings was hilarious and was cracking up the whole movie
    Apparently she doesn't take orcs seriously. This was very embarrassing for 8th grade me in the theater.
  5. She really hated the movie Mama Mia
    "Elderly ladies should not be subjecting themselves to those outfits"
  6. She FREAKING LOVES butter. and ice cream and cake and cheese. She often tells people she "used to teach nutrition" so this is all ok.
    Seems to be working for her though!
  7. She went to college way before it was trendy - 1934!!
    She also got a grad degree - she's a Master of Education too :)
  8. She likes to give dating advice
    About my boyfriend of 8 years "why don't you see if some of his friends will take you out on dates too?"
  9. She likes to brag about being a heartbreaker
    She was writing to like ten guys during the war and has turned down many marriage proposals
  10. And she's pretty much just the definition of fabulous! Happy birthday Mimi.
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