1. I have LOTS of experience producing events
    Workshops, conferences, parties, fundraisers, I could dedicate a whole list to this.
  2. I'm a huge slate fan
    Slate plus member! Dear Prudie fanatic! Follower on social media! Remember that time you used my list suggestion?
  3. I'm creative!
    Check out this original way of getting your attention!
  4. I'm calm under pressure
    Quote from previous manager: "Mary embraces every challenge thrown her way with the greatest of ease. she displays an extraordinary amount of patience, dedication, and eagerness to learn."
  5. I have magazine and media experience
    I currently work at Hearst on titles like Cosmo, Good Housekeeping and Esquire and have previously worked for National Geographic, Charlie Rose, and PBS.
  6. I'm a people person
    Coworkers past and present say I'm easy AND fun to work with.
  7. I really want the job
    Hey, you can't say I'm not enthusiastic!
  8. @slate I submitted my application via email but if you want to get in touch you can reach me at Mary.conner.cheever@gmail.com
    Thanks for reading!