What I wish I knew before starting cancer treatment!

My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last July after being cancer free for 14 years. We have tried and hopefully succeeded in keeping a since of humor while going through chemotherapy's, yes ssss we are on our second chemotherapy with the hope of derailing the cancer train we are traveling on. Please feel free to add to the list!
  1. I wish I need that when I started this list at any moment the floor would fall out from under me.
  2. I wish I knew that cancer would control every aspect of our lives.
  3. I wish there was someone that would tell me how to slow down my spinning out of control thoughts
  4. Cancer is a train the has stops that a so unexpected even your Doctor is stunned by them.
  5. That people you didn't realize we're good friends are the best friends.
  6. That you'll lose your hair, get your hair back, and lose your hair again!
  7. You will lose you taste and your mouth will feel like cement, get your taste back, that it changes with the drop of a hat and the chemo your on.
  8. Your priorities change completely! Clothes, cars, houses, mean nothing!
  9. The world is so fucked up!!!!
  10. That you notice things you never have noticed before