... because I can't live without a little luxury! 😉🍷
  1. Lovely Little Espresso Cup
    Just something about using a real espresso cup at home makes it feel more special... My current fave is this Le Creuset baby... Ah, caffeine.
  2. Oregon Pinot Noir from Riedel
    Could you drink great wine out of bad glasses? Sure! But why when you can have these?
  3. Tall Coffee Mug
    I make coffee but also Americano's at home (see espresso cup love above...)... So I like a little extra room in my mugs. Kinda digging these from Starbucks!
  4. Solid, Restaurant Grade Pint Glass
    Water, beer, whatever... Probably my most used beverage container!
  5. Short Rocks Glass
    Old fashioned, rocks or lowball... Whatever you call it, I love this guy... Cocktails, juice, vitamin holder - so handy! Get an etched or crystal one of you feel crazy...