He's 24. Super southern and almost always talking in a serious and aggressive tone. (This list has been growing in my notes for a while....still growing)
  1. "This isn't a carhart! This is a walls jacket! ....it's better. It's reversible!"
  2. "Sitting in the sauna prepares me for dooms day and talking to girls"
  3. "I wanna build my own casket, I'll make it nice and cozy"
  4. Fleming "there are white stains all over your comforter" Clancy "IM NOT GONNA SKEET ON MY OWN SHEETS!"
    *arguing about questionable stains* (Fleming, my eldest brother)
  5. Me "Clancy are you peeing off the deck?" Clancy "Jesus wants me to do it"
  6. Here he is wearing a long sleeved camo shirt and a Carolina Panthers bucket hat in the middle of summer, in Greece.
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  7. Here he is with some sort of gun he was v excited about (feat. The walls jacket previously mentioned)
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  8. Here he is with a lizard on his head
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  9. Here he is ready for some fly fishing
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  10. Here he is as a child shaking his hips to a Garth brooks tape
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  11. Here he is sitting on a cannon with a feather behind his ear
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  12. Here he is wearing small sunglasses while fly fishing
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  13. Here he is with pretzel eyes
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  14. Here he is after wrapping himself in leaves
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  15. Here he is v drunk leaning on me talking to me about how as his sister i need to say things like "hell ya! Those are my brothers killing deer and people at the same time!"
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    He and my brother Fleming are former Military and very serious outdoorsmen.
  16. Here he is very serious about flashlight tag
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  17. Here he is with lightsabers
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