These people make me cringe.
  1. People who run with limp hands.
    I call these people T-Rex runners. Not cute.
  2. Slow walkers. WALK FASTER
  3. "Foodies" people who feel the need to talk about every flavor they catch in every bite
  4. People with weird/annoying laughs
  5. People that don't have that same humor as me
  6. Loud breathers
  7. Pretentious sushi and or Thai food enthusiasts
  8. The "I knew this band before they were popular" kind of person
    Truth: I have been this person
  9. Fedora wearers
  10. 12-19 year old girls that vlog about makeup
  11. People who are too polite to say the word "poop"
    Instead they say "Fecal matter" "Number two" or "feces"
  12. Moms that refer to their young sons penis's as their "peepee"
    You're confusing your kid. Peepee is what comes out of a penis. Just call it what it is.
  13. People who still wear their trucker hats slightly to the side