Things Overheard in a Coffee Shop. (Mostly Dental Things)

A conversation between two gals in their late 50's
  1. "I spit out pieces of teeth for days"
  2. "It took about 3 hours to dig out of my molar."
  3. "The vibe there is wrong"
  4. "Yeah like I stand there and only brush one side of my mouth"
  5. "I'm a daddy's girl"
  6. "Are they on Facebook?"
  7. "I don't have celebrity teeth but I have pretty perfect teeth"
  8. "Where are you from?"
  9. "My boyfriends brother was in prison there!"
  10. "My job title scared them"
  11. "When I worked there, It was ran by the nuns"
  12. "I'm a big girl now"
  13. "She tried to get me on pot"
  14. "She told me she had chewed 8 packs of gum that day"
  15. "Then she threw a chair at the wall"
  16. "We're fighting radioactive decay, you know? I don't have time for that"
  17. "This is nepotism!"
  18. "Danielle is stupid just like Lisa"
  19. "Anyways, I got fired."