Tv Shows That Shaped Me Into Who I Am Today & Forever

  1. Girls
    Everything that I am/aspire to be.
  2. The Office
    My heart.
  3. Friday Night Lights
    I need to marry a man like Eric Taylor.
  4. Saturday Night Live
    Every thing that is beautiful and good.
  5. Parks and Recreation
    Mouse Rat till I die.
  6. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
    I wanted a pink hard hat and tool belt just like Paige, badass female carpenter.
  7. Seinfeld
    Classic my dad always had it on.
  8. Lizzie McGuire
    What dreams are made of, duh.
  9. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Larry David taught me that life is uncomfortable so just be you. Awkward is unavoidable.
  10. John and Kate plus 8
    I learned a lot of parenting dos and don'ts. Mostly don'ts. Also I'm not a parent yet.
  11. Greek
    Cappie was a babe. Also where I first learned about PlanB.
  12. Boy Meets World
    Love you forever Corey and Tapanga
  13. All That
    Basically SNL for kids.
  14. Zoey 101
    Why didn't my parents send me to boarding school?
  15. The Amanda Show
    Amanda pre crazy mid life melt down, one of my heroes. I'd kick it with her in the girls room any day.