This is an on going list I'll add to the more I talk to my mom.
  1. Ignorant
    Typically used ignorantly.
  2. Phenomenal
    I hate this most when abbreviated. She usually sings "Phenom" to describe a specific food that she has recently enjoyed.
  3. Rubbish
    She spent time abroad and thinks it's cool to say rubbish instead of trash.
  4. "Hola Chiquita Señorita"
    Usually in a high pitched Spanish accent.
  5. "Are you flippin kidding me?"
    Only when frustrated
  6. "You have got to be flippin kidding me"
    When frustration turns into anger
  7. Zip Zap
    An example of how it's used "you better zip zap or you're going to be late" or "zip zap zip zap ziip zaap" which is just a weird way of telling someone to keep their mouth shut
  8. Refers to my vagina as my "woo woo"
    Not necessarily overused but it has always made me very uncomfortable