Easily more than 10, @richardrushfield. Let's start with these.
  1. Feature profile on an "entertainment entrepreneur."
  2. News about a disruptive new pattern/shape of throw pillow.
  3. Paparazzi shot of an actress's child wearing a certain brand of clothing and said brand wanting mention of this monumental event in a blog post.
  4. Books that are coming out tomorrow looking for coverage in a magazine that has a three-month lead time.
  5. Similarly, invites to an event that is commencing in one hour. In New York.
  6. Celebrity pitches for the "Encounter" section, which had not been a section in the magazine for maybe five years?
  7. A "Day" we never knew existed but is still worthy of celebration.
  8. Naked yoga.
  9. Beauty treatments that would require a special-effects team to pull off.
  10. The color yellow.
  11. Liquor-sponsored event on hotel rooftop--can we cover?
    Suggested by @LAmag