1. It was the episode where the Peach Pit is robbed, though only Brenda and "the robber" are in that scene.
  2. The scene I was in was so badly edited that I walk by Steve & Brandon twice in the same direction (in a very short amount of time). Extra credit for remembering that Ian Ziering's character name was Steve.
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  3. The AD advised the extras "don't even look at Shannen Doherty,"
  4. I was paid $40 for the day.
  5. A fellow extra, who was in her 30s, told me she slept on Luke Perry sheets.
  6. Tori Spelling ate a lot of potato chips from the craft services table.
  7. The soundstage was on a seedy alley in the Valley.
  8. I borrowed a friend's nautical sweater because it looked preppy.