A history of women who have been and still are #goals
  1. The Bangles
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  2. Jemima Kirke
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  3. Winona Ryder
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  4. Winona again
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  5. Winona one more time
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  6. Mary Kate Olsen in New York minute
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  7. The cool bassist chick in lilos band in Freaky Friday
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  8. Blake Livelys street style
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  9. Debbie Harry
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  10. Drew Barrymore
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  11. Rachel on FRIENDS
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  12. Mocha Chino from the extremely goofy movie
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  13. Miranda from Lizzie McGuire
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  14. Rayanne from My So Called Life
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  15. Cara Maria on MTVs the challenge
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    She wins every season of MTVs the challenge, in my heart at least.
  16. Kat Dennings
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  17. Manny Santos on Degrassi
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  18. Brittany Murphy
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    It is impossible to not love Brittany Murphy in every movie she is in. The exact moment I knew was when she was late to her own birthday party in this dress in Uptown Girls.
  19. Rory Gilmore during the college years on Gilmore Girls
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  20. Alice Bag
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