We love Snapchat, but there are some features we'd love to see it add. What other features would you like to see added to Snapchat?
  1. A filter that looks like actual makeup instead of a mask
    Img 3483
    Snapchat is king when it comes to offering funky-looking, quirky and sometimes creepy filters, but is it too much to ask for one that gives me a glamorous face full of makeup and hides the fact that I just woke up or haven't moved from the couch all day?
  2. The ability to go back and see a previous snap in a story
    Img 3487
    Unfortunately, there's no way to go back and see a Snap in a story, without exiting and starting all over. On our Snapchat dream list, we'd a back button for the times you want to look again at a specific snap again.
  3. Different fonts
    Img 9552
    San serif is the only font available. I repeat, san serif is the only font available! You can change the color, but it'd be great to spice it up with a little apple chancery once in awhile.
  4. An eraser for the drawing tool
    Slack for ios upload 720 1
    This is my colleague Brittany, known for creating some pretty epic drawings on Snapchat. But here's the thing, she gets frustrated every time she wants to erase one line, and there's no way to do so via the app. Yes, there's a back button, but if you notice a small mistake you made in the beginning hiding in the corner, you're out of luck.
  5. Different sizes for the drawing tool
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    While we're on the topic of doodling on photos, it'd be great to have different size options for the drawing tool. What if Brittany wanted to make really big swirls of smoke? Right now, there is only one small option, and a little variation never hurt anyone.
  6. Tagging friends in Snap stories
    Img 2854
    This is a big one. Right now, there's no way to let a friend know you've included them in a story, unless you outright tell them. The ability to tag a friend would solve this issue. It would also be helpful information for your Snapchat followers to know if they wanted to follow that friend, too.
  7. Why can't we be followers instead of friends?
    Img 3465
    Speaking of "friends," we'd argue Snapchat is using the wrong word here. Yes, Snapchat has friends instead of followers, but they don't function like Facebook's friends do. On Facebook, both parties have to agree to a "friendship" in order to see the other's posts. But on Snapchat, a user can see someone's content if they friend them, similar to when you follow someone on Twitter. Confusing? We think so, too.
  8. The ability to upload a photo from your phone to a story
    Img 3467
    You can't add photos to Snapchat from your iPhone camera roll. Sure, there's a workaround within the camera roll itself that lets you send a photo directly to Snapchat, but there's no native way to do it directly within the app. Let's get rid of that extra step, Snapchat, and make it easier for everyone.
  9. Bring 'best friends' back?
    Img 3491
    Snapchat used to highlight who your friends were snapping the most by listing three "best friends" on each profile. It was a great way to see what your friends were up to, but it also made it easy to find new friends. But no longer, Snapchat nixed the feature in early 2015.
  10. Save your favorite lenses
    Img 1642
    This snowy lens from last winter was super fun, but it's long gone. As much as we love discovering new lenses, most have a short shelf-life and aren't available when you want it: yes, sometimes you just want to send that rainbow vomit to a friend. We want the ability to save our favorite lenses and use them whenever we want. After all, how much fun would it be to send some flurries to a friend in the middle of summer?