Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a fast-paced live action cartoon — the kind of series that squeezes in so many jokes per minute that it's nearly impossible to catch them all on the first go-round. Here are 15 to start — including a subtle dig at Taylor Swift. How many more can you add to our list?
  1. The robot incident
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    In episode 2, Jacqueline indicates she doesn't remember meeting Titus before. Titus’s response: “We buried a robot together!” In fact, they did did – in season 1, episode 7. (The robot was a prototype Jacqueline's now ex-husband brought to New York from Japan.)
  2. Yuko's second life
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    Later in Episode 2, Yuko the robot appears as a nanny at Buckley’s school.
  3. The dog days
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    We learn in Episode 3 that Titus was a pug in one of his past lives. We shouldn't be surprised -- back in episode 6 of Season 1, Lillian was guilted into helping Titus after catching a glimpse of a pug who reminded her of the would-be star. Which prompted Titus to huff, “That dog does not look like me, Lillian!" Hey, it's not his fault that one time, "I had to wear a cone because I kept biting my stitches!”
  4. I'd like to teach the world to sing...
    Mad men finale 690
    In episode 4, Kimmy tries to get her fellow mole woman Gretchen to see reason by telling her that the reverend who trapped them was “a psycho liar who claimed he came up with the 'I’d like to buy the world a Coke' commercial.” The reverend, of course, is played by Jon Hamm, also the actor behind Don Draper -- who actually did come up with that commercial, according to Mad Men’s series finale.
  5. Solvin' mysteries, one hug at a time
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    We see a glimpse of Kimmy’s imagined “Bunny and Kitty” TV series at the end of that same episode. The voices of the animals might sound familiar -- because they belong to Dean Winter and Will Arnett, two actors who also had recurring parts on Fey and Carlock’s 30 Rock (as Dennis Duffy and Devon Banks, respectively).
  6. Oo la la!
    Kimmy 2
    Jacqueline says in episode 5 that she’s getting a dress from Karl Lagerfeld’s Crotte de Nez collection. “Crotte de Nez” is French for "booger;" it literally means “nose turd.”
  7. Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain
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    In the same episode, Titus gives us a few selections from Alabama, a now-banned all-black version of Oklahoma. What you may not remember is that this isn't the first we're hearing of Alabama: Titus mentioned it back in Season 1, saying that he and his arch-rival Coriolanus Burt both auditioned to play "Sharecropper Number Two/Cow."
  8. Mad Ken
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    Jacqueline says in episode 5 that she hasn’t been in a drugstore since 2004, when “an employee named LaDonica said to me, ‘bitch, I don’t know your life.’” That name should sound familiar to 30 Rock fans: In Season 1, Kenneth had a similarly frustrating experience with the same employee (“Frankly, LaDonica, you have not been real helpful”).
  9. Too insidery?
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    In episode 6, Jacqueline is forced to go to the grungy Senior Dentista to get her tooth fixed. Take a close look at the sign -- it looks a lot like the famous subway ads for Dr. Zizmor, a local New York City legend Fey once invited to appear on 30 Rock. (He turned her down.)
  10. My kid could paint that?
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    In episode 8, Lillian and Jacqueline try to make a forgery of Jacqueline's Mondrian. They end up with a recreation of Cecilia Gimenez's Monkey Jesus.
  11. Aw, hell
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    Titus to Kimmy: "You know, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women." Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have heard that one before -- it's what Taylor Swift said after the Golden Globes hosts made a joke at Swift's expense that the pop star did not appreciate.
  12. Nice threads
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    Kimmy’s alcoholic therapist -- played by Fey -- is rocking a shirt for Dyziplen, the Ritalin-esque drug Jacqueline gave her son earlier in the season, in episode 10.
  13. The oldest profession
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    Policeman to Lillian in episode 10: "I didn't realize you were a sweet old lady trying to save a young prostitute." Kimmy: "Why does everyone always think I'm [a prostitute]?" This is in fact a running gag, one that goes back to episode 3 of Season 1 -- when Kimmy's elderly date mistook her for a "Kraut posing as a French prostitute."
  14. If the shoe fits
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    Kimmy’s mysterious fear of Velcro becomes an important, even poignant plot point in the season’s finale. But it started out as a throwaway gag back in Season 1, when Titus was outlining the various ways in which Kimmy was still dealing with the trauma of the bunker: “You yell in your sleep. You bite my nails. And we still don’t know why you’re afraid of Velcro.”
  15. What a Dick
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    The season ends with the reverend calling Kimmy, introducing himself as “Dick.” That makes sense as a nickname; the reverend’s full name is Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. It’s also, however, another clever reference to Jon Hamm’s most famous character: Don Draper’s real name is Dick Whitman. Inception!!