Circa y2k
  1. TLC
    I remember staying up with my best friend at a sleepover watching music videos on mtv waiting for unpretty to come on. #ninetieskid
  2. Mariah Carey
    Mariah still makes my mornings better to this day ❤️ love ya gurl.
  3. Nelly
    What I would give to have a recording of my 6th grade friends and me "rapping" to ride wit me in the girls bathroom after lunch. #classic
  4. R Kelly
    Ignition remix was the most played song on my iTunes. If we still owned that computer, it would still be. Still not ashamed.
  5. Usher
    Questionable how I related to his songs at age 12.
  6. Missy Elliot
    Track suit idol.
  7. Nsync
    I never committed to bsb. JT for lyf.
  8. Avril lavigne
    I'm sure I went through a month long emo phase inspired by skaterboi
  9. Destiny's Child
    I still know all the lyrics by heart. Their break-up was devastating, but to think people ever doubted B's solo career shakes me to the core. #queenb
  10. Britney Spears
    The amount of hours spent choreographing dances shall remain private information.