Im a violently passionate music enthusiast with a vicious dogmatic lust for consuming and creating the greatest thing on earth. Here's the first installment of "Music, A Religion" which, essentially, just translates to "here's some shit that I dig right now"
  1. Renn - King Of California
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    Renn Anderson is a name that you should most definitely keep on your subconscious radar. The first thing that struck me was the individuality of his vocals and his vicious dedication to lyrics that ethereally hit the nail on the head while still allowing you the freedom to draw your own conclusions. Still, I enjoy taking part in the inherent melancholy of the melodic structuring. It's one of my absolute favorite songs, from one of my absolute favorite people.
  2. Blake Mills - Heigh Ho
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    They say that when you get "Goosebumps" it's because your brain is quickly releasing endorphins promoting a physical manifestation. If that's truly the case then this album by Verve Records recording artist, Blake Mills is the musical equivalent of "Molly" after listening to it I was deeply depressed for several days while I rebuilt my serotonin. On a side note this album is not to be listened to with anything less than a profession means of sonic delivery. It deserves and commands respect.
  3. Ryn Weaver - Traveling Song
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    I'm a sucker for fantastic melodies. For the first few listens of this song I fully missed the lyrics due to the dreamlike, magnetic power of the melody, not to mention Ryn's artfully and independently honest vocals that massage your heart with hopeful sorrow. There are other songs on "The Fool" that lend themselves to commerciality and a infectious originality not to be reckoned with, but this little gem hidden strategically on track 9. is currently my favorite.
  4. Chuck Cannon - Poison
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    I'm hesitant to call Chuck Cannon a Country Artist but I think that's largely in part of the massive shift happening in the musical demographic at the moment. To put it simply: he's just a fucking incredible songwriter. entirely consumed and dedicated to paying homage to a tradition of songwriting, that seems as lost as chivalry is in the west, Chuck crafts his songs with intimate biographical wisdom and honesty that will leave you in reverent silence.
  5. Dry The River - Bible Belt
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    A mix of brilliant sonics and production. Due to its triumphant structure I'd recommend putting it on when your wallowing in self doubt and bitterness twords yourself or others. Somehow it finds away to be so theatrically brilliant that you find yourself forgetting where you are for the entirety of the song. Musical therapy for the heart.
  6. Mark Knopfler - Golden Heart
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    Im staggeringly saddened with the majority of people my own age who have never heard of Mark Knopfler outside of dire straights. Ask your dad, he will be so proud if you make the reference. So if you haven't heard of MK it's time that you bought this album and took a night drive with no intention of arriving anywhere in particular while letting the melodies lull you into a perpetual state of self acceptance.
  7. Elliott Smith - Bottle Up And Explode!
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    Of all the songs I've heard in my life this is the only one that ever makes me see colors. Im not sure I know exactly what the lyrics mean in their entirety but that's what's so amazing about it. I keep coming back to it year after year and each time, with my hindsight In check and a slight growth in maturity, I find a little bit more of Elliott's depth on display. It's the gift that keeps on giving and if you are a fan of Wes Anderson I can pretty much guarantee you'll love it.
  8. Emitt Rhodes - With My Face On The Floor
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    If you're into the Beatles this is a dead ringer. Like.... for reals, I'd challenge anyone to tell the difference right off the bat. Im sure Emitt is sick of that comparison but shit, Its fucking fantastic music no matter what elitist hipster says it's a replica. Who cares. You may have heard "Lullabye" in the Royal Tenenbaums. I went ahead and bought all his recordings from 1969-1973 available on iTunes I highly suggest any music enthusiast do the same, you won't be let down.
  9. Mac Demarco - Salad Days
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    Mac Demarco is the kind of guy you wish you had the self confidence to be but that lifestyle of complete transparency is probably a bit more taxing than even he's willing to admit. None the less I find my self fascinated by the organized Dissonant chaos of this album riddled with explosive pieces of musical personality that let you know he isn't taking himself too seriously. Nonetheless the product is fantastically freeing to listen to. Its got me dancing to even the slowest songs.