My top 10 favorite NES games

I collect video games, and I've been playing them all my life. I was born in 1991, but I didn't own a NES as a kid. It was only a few years ago that I got introduced to the system, and despite not having the console when it was on store shelves, it still feels somewhat nostalgic, so I've decided to rank my favorite NES games. Tell me yours!
  1. Number 10: Battletoads
    Probably one of the hardest but most badass games on the system. An absolute blast to play, and a fun co-op game as well.
  2. Number 9: Bubble Bobble
    A near perfect port of the arcade game with the same name. A lot of fun when playing with a buddy, but also a great single player experience. Cute characters, lots of levels and great but simple graphics.
  3. Number 8: Super Mario Bros. 2
    A lot of people where disappointed with this when it first released, and for good reason. It's actually just a reskinned version of the Japan-only game; "Doki Doki Panic". But it's still a damn fun game, that still holds up incredibly well.
  4. Number 7: Metroid
    The one that started it all. Even though it hasn't aged that well, this game is still a classic. The dark environments and eerie atmosphere still feels as great as ever.
  5. Number 6: Duck Tales
    A platforming gem with some of the best mechanics for any NES game. Uncle Scrooge's cane is what makes this game really stand out, but the overall quality of the game is still top-notch.
  6. Number 5: Mr. Gimmick
    A very rare Scandinavian and Japan exclusive, that's also a hidden gem. It has amazing level design, great platforming and some really advanced animations for it's time.
  7. Number 4: Kirby's Adventure
    A game that was years ahead of it's time. This is the very first game in the Kirby-series, and it introduced us to a whole new world of platforming with Kirby's amazing copy-abilities. Still holds up exceptionally well.
  8. Number 3: Super Mario Bros.
    The one that started it all. This is a title that never gets old, and as Nintendo have proven time after time again, the same old Mario-formula is just as much fun today, as it was in the 80ies.
  9. Number 2: Balloon Fight
    A game that gets way too little credit. A lot of people often compare this to another arcade classic, "Joust", but I think Balloon Fight is way better. Extremely polished, a great multiplayer game and a lot of variety makes the game timeless fun.
  10. Number 1: Super Mario Bros. 3
    The most amazing adventure the NES has to offer. This game set the bar so high, that most platformers still can't match it's extremely high quality. A must play for everyone, even if you don't play video games. This is a piece of history.