My top 10 favorite SNES games

The SNES was the first system I ever played as a kid. I always wanted one, but I didn't get ahold of it until I was 15. Now, it's one of my all-time favorite systems, as it has one of the greatest libraries of video games, across all consoles that's ever been released. So here's are my top 10 SNES games. Tell me yours!
  1. Number 10: Tetris Attack
    This genius puzzle game, introduced the west to the brilliant concept of "Panel De Pon"; a Japanese exclusive, reskinned with characters from the Yoshi-universe. This title is one of the best SNES multiplayer puzzle games, but also a lot of fun when playing solo.
  2. Number 9: Pocky & Rocky
    A strange yet enchanting mix between a bullet-hell shooter and an adventure game. Pocky & Rocky seemingly blends the genres, and creates something truly unique. Once again this is a great multiplayer game, but also a fun single player experience.
  3. Number 8: Super Mario Allstars
    All of the classic NES games with better graphics and sound + the original version of Super Mario Bros. 2, which was never released in the west. What more could you ask for? The definitive version of all of these classic games.
  4. Number 7: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
    Many people consider this the best game in Nintendo's popular Zelda franchise, and with good reason. It still holds up extremely well, and it is still to this day, one of the most innovative, immersive adventure games ever created. A must play for sure.
  5. Number 6: Puzzle Bubble
    This is a perfect port of my favorite version of this game. This is the game, that started the classic match-3 puzzle genre, that everyone is playing on their tablets and smartphones nowadays. The SNES-version has some of the best, most creative puzzles in series history and probably one of the most annoying, yet catchiest soundtracks ever.
  6. Number 5: Super Punch Out!!
    If you don't know the Punch Out-series, you may simply brush it off as another run-of-the-mill sports game, but this is so much more. Super Punch Out!! is more of an arcade fighting game, with some extremely tough boss battles. It's classic Nintendo fun, and it's still a damn good game.
  7. Number 4: Super Metroid
    This is the game that perfected the Metroid-formula, and the first and only SNES game, that could make me feel creeped out, isolated and alone. It relies heavily on its eerie atmosphere, which makes it stand out from the crowd, as this was pretty unheard of when everything was still 16-bit. An instant classic, that set the bar for years to come.
  8. Number 3: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario World 2
    The last big-budget game for the SNES, before the N64 was introduced to the world, but also one of the very best. This game showed us that the SNES still had some tricks up its sleeve, like 3D-rendered objects, different layers of back- and foreground and other cool stuff. The game is of course also a great, very innovative platformer that introduced a lot of new elements which would carry over to future games, such as Super Mario 64.
  9. Number 2: Donkey Kong Country
    When Donkey Kong Country was first shown to the world, it blew people's minds. How could a game possible look so good? Well, let's just say the folks over at Rare knew their stuff. They took an almost forgotten character, and made him more popular than ever. Donkey Kong has never looked or played better, than in the DKC-days.
  10. Number 1: Super Mario World
    The game that came bundled with the SNES, and also my absolute favorite game for the system. Super Mario World is filled with so much wonder and joy, and it might be the nostalgia talking, but I think this has some of the best level-, power up-, character-, enemy- and sound-design to have ever been produced. This is an absolute blast to play, and I'm having just as much fun with it today, as I did when I first played it as a kid. A MUST play.