Top 10 Hidden Gems for Xbox360

The Xbox360 is one of my favorite consoles. It has a vast and impressive library with more than 1100 titles to choose from. With so many games, there's always bound to be some who won't get the appreciation they deserve, and I've found a few I want to share with you. So here's my top 10 hidden gems for the Xbox360.
  1. Number 10 - Beautiful Katamari
    The Xbox360 got a single installment in the Katamari franchise, but thankfully it's also one of the best. Roll your Katamari to greatness, in this wacky arcade-style game. There's nothing quite like it, and picking up the hundreds of different items gives you a strange sense of satisfaction.
  2. Number 9 - Homefront
    The original Homefront had a lot of flaws, but I honestly think it was a really good game. Even though the story is short, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Also, the multiplayer is a lot of fun, but good luck finding someone to play with!
  3. Number 8 - Enslaved: Journey To The West
    Can't make a list of hidden gems, without this title coming up. Enslaved is a game that came out of nowhere, and told one of the best stories to ever be told in a video game. What's more; the gameplay is tight, the graphics are beautiful and the characters are amazing. A must play for sure.
  4. Number 7 - Uno Rush
    Uno Rush is one of the best casual games for the 360. Most people often mistake Uno for being a fairly simple game, but with the new Rush mechanics there's actually a lot of depth to be found. This game is even better when playing online, and you can quickly spend hours on end, trying to get all the achievements and beat various high scores.
  5. Number 6: Ilomilo
    A very charming puzzle game, that came and went in silence. You control two characters, and have to find your way around increasingly difficult mazes, in order to win the game. It's a very unique puzzler, and I often wonder why this never became a hit.
  6. Number 5: Child of Eden
    The spiritual successor to the ever so popular "Rez". Child of Eden is actually meant to be played with a Kinect, but it can, thankfully, also be enjoyed with a controller. It's an amazing experience both visually and sound wise - it's also horribly addicting!
  7. Number 4: Happy Action Theater
    Happy Action Theater is Double Fine's first and only Kinect-exclusive, but it's definitely one of the best. It's a party game, that reminds me of Nintendo's WarioWare-series. It's wacky fun, and one of the best uses of the Kinect.
  8. Number 3: Shadows of The Damned
    In my opinion, the last great title from the acclaimed developer; Suda51. Shadows of The Damned tells a quite moving story, about true love and a cock-shaped gun. It's funny, it's brutal, it's hard as hell but the gameplay is sooooo good. A great third person shooter, that everyone should play.
  9. Number 2: Kameo: Elements of Power
    Originally slated to be released on the GameCube, only to be moved to original Xbox before finding it's home as a 360 launch title, Kameo had a rough birth, but it still turned out great. While it's nowhere near the amazing standard of Rare's games in the 90ies, Kameo is still an under-appreciated gem, that deserves more credit. It showcased the power of the new Xbox360, it embarked its players on an amazing journey, and it still managed too feel somewhat magical.
  10. Number 1: Marble Blast Ultra
    Marble Blast Ultra is a brilliant game. It builds upon the concept of the NES title, Marble Madness, but brings lots of new ideas to the table. It also had a really good multiplayer component, even though it only contained a single, but very satisfying, mode. It was also one of the cheaper Arcade titles (400 Microsoft Points), but unfortunately you can't get the game anymore. It was taken down in 2011, and it's a damn shame, because there was just so much fun to be had here.