Field notes while waiting 1h for my wife to fix her phone
  1. Homeless hangout
    Who needs the public library? They have free internet and fast computers right here, no card needed. 1 sketchy browser per 10 legit shoppers.
  2. Dirty
    Do you have any idea how many people touched that phone before you? You don't, trust me.
  3. Playground!
    Children roam free while products stay just out of arms reach thanks to the counter heights. Clever Apple, clever.
  4. Polarizing
    People either love it here (yay! new gadget!) or hate it (fucking broken thing I can't live without!). It's polarizing.
  5. Old people are technologically inept
    One poor man was taking notes on paper with what to click where on the screen. That'll totally be me one day.