A tourist guide
  1. The middle of the sidewalk
    The "walk" portion of the word is active
  2. The entrance / exit to the subway
    This counts for the stairs and the turnstiles
  3. The entrance / exit to a store
    Believe it or not, people enter / exit from here
  4. In front of the cashier
    I'm glad you're taking your time to put your money carefully in your fanny pack but do it to the side of the cashier
  5. In a human wall outside your favorite tourist spot
    People actually live here and have to get places that may be around that place you saw in the movies
  6. At the street corner when the walk sign is lit
    That little white person walking light means you can walk
  7. In front of "Carrie Bradshaw's house"
    That show ended 11 years ago. Move on.
  8. The top or bottom of the escalator
    Move aside, please.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  9. In front of the elevator doors even though they are not exiting the elevator
    Suggested by @rachelleigh
  10. Anywhere on the escalator. Stop wasting kinetic energy.
    Suggested by @stang