Yay for the holiday
  1. Not sure how the line for self-service is longer than full service but it is
    Machines > humans so I'll wait
  2. Shouldn't it be one package per person?
    The woman in front of me has 4. It'll take her 4x as long as me
  3. How do people struggle to use this?
    Anyone under the age of 40 should fly though the interface on this thing. We were raised on computer and iPads and smart phones. If sending your package takes more than 30 seconds you should have to use the counter.
  4. Everyone here is miserable
    Literally no one wants to be here. Even the woman mailing cookies. Fuck the holidays
  5. You must have terrible self esteem to have nothing to mail but still be here with your friend
    Either that or the best friend ever. Hey, want to make the time go by faster and mail mine for me?
  6. 4 package woman just finished package one
    Tempted to yell "back of the line"
  7. ... 5 minutes later: mailed!