I am at a groccee store for the first time. Poppa wrote me a list of groccees to bring back to the farm after I find a wife.
  1. Brittle Ovals with Yellow Goo
    Break these into bowl, do not crunch them with your teeth. Yellow goo is the key.
  2. White Drink
    Makes bones better for farm work.
  3. Cardboard Box (w/ food inside)
    Food is v dry, use with white drink, made for kids?
  4. Yellow Drink
    For hot days. Uncle likes yellow drink.
  5. Can drink (w/ bubbles)
    Haha the bubbles tickle my nose. I will drink can drink faster. Wait now it doesn't feel good.
  6. Corn
    I know this one. It's yellow. And comes in a bunch. Shaped like a curved thing. It's corn. Peel one and eat to try. It's good.
  7. Big Fruit
    This fruit is so big. How do I bite through its shell?
  8. Turtle meat
    Gooble gobble I am a turtle. You find me on a farm. Eat my meat.
  9. Ham Berger meat
    For a ham berger sandwich. This is very American meat, must be eaten at a bar be kyuu
  10. Robietussin
    Sister is sick get her robietussin says mother. I don't have a sister.
  11. Onion
    Don't cry over onion! Haha that is the one joke I know.
  12. Muchrooms
    Very small, leaves much room in ice box
  13. Big leaves
    For decoration?
  14. Bottle beer
    For poppa. For target practice.
  15. Dog meat
    For gradnma
  16. Loaf
    Next weeks pillow